Docketing, Legal Calendaring and Task Management

All practice groups need centralized, robust legal calendaring. At the same time, all legal professionals need dependable schedule information in their own calendars. Therefore, a firm-wide calendar that also distributes to Microsoft Outlook calendar is essential.

There are many reasons why your law firm should consider investment in a docketing, calendaring, and task management solution like BEC Docket Enterprise.

For Litigation practice groups, the most pressing reason may be adherence to Risk Management principals – critical dates must not be missed and should be tracked in a centralized database.  For other practice groups, the reason is less dramatic, but no less important. Exemplary client service requires compliance with deadlines and timely follow-up.

An equally compelling reason to invest in centralized calendaring is to improve the efficiency of your practice groups.  No doubt, they are tirelessly tracking dates in various ways, which might include entries in multiple calendars, spreadsheets, checklists, and handwritten notes in a file.  This duplicate entry of schedule information is inefficient and prone to mistakes.

A quality docketing/calendaring system will eliminate the need for repetitive data entry – it must be capable of tracking activities and tasks in a central practice group calendar, allow for automatic reminders, and distribute dates to Outlook calendars and task lists in a timely way.  It must make schedule adjustments easy to accomplish, with dependent dates automatically falling in line with changes to primary dates.  If it is really top-notch, it will contribute to basic practice management by providing built-in matter reports, customizable activity and task types, and scheduling templates.

If you use a document management system, you already save every document to a client/matter – your critical dates are no less important!  Connecting appointments and deadlines to a matter is a simple concept that reaps benefits for all practice groups.  These include distribution to the Outlook calendars of the specific users connected to the matter, matter-based schedule reports, and the ability to attach documents and notes to calendar entries.

Efficient date tracking is imperative for all practice groups.  Docket Enterprise makes it possible.