BEC Docket Enterprise is a docket and legal calendaring application, used for critical date tracking and task management. It provides the efficiency and risk management your firm needs to organize and protect your critical dates.

BEC Docket RibbonDocket Enterprise highlights include:

  • Advanced scheduling options for all practice groups
  • Synchronization of Master, Group and Individual Calendars
  • Extensive Risk Management
  • Automated email and reminder notifications
  • Easy to use court rules and templates


The Industry's Best Outlook Integration

If you are like most law firms, your attorneys rely heavily on Microsoft Outlook calendars and task lists. However, the gaps in Outlook makes it less than ideal for legal practice management.

Docket Enterprise solves this by utilizing advanced functionality which enables Outlook to be a truly integral component of your practice management solution.

Key technologies include:

  • Advanced sync with full integration of Microsoft Meeting Organizer technology
  • Priority queing
  • Two way streaming notification
  • All activities and tasks are automatically logged/recorded
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Free/Busy Search
  • Two way task status update
  • Outlook Save and Close

Docket Enterprise can run as an Outlook Plug-in (as outlined above) or can be accessed as a standalone application.

Scheduling Templates for All Practice Groups

Docket Enterprise_Merger Template

When you often repeat workflow steps to handle similar types of matters, scheduling templates are an efficient way to track critical dates and deadlines. BEC Docket’s scheduling templates are available for all practice groups and can be saved at the workgroup level or can be personal to one user.

With a template, an entire set of related activities and tasks can be scheduled in one step, with appropriate date offsets and dependent relationships (when an appointment is re-scheduled, its children automatically follow suit.)  Templates include default recipients and attachments, reducing the time it takes to get something on the calendar accurately.

CalendarRules Logo

For Litigation practice groups, templates can be combined with court rule automation, provided by CalendarRules. CalendarRules maintains court rules for many courts all around the United States.  They make them available to your firm by subscription and send the information over the internet directly to BEC Docket.

The use of scheduling templates will improve your matter management and workflow. When related tasks have been scheduled together, it is easy to see at a glance the tasks which have been completed and exactly what still needs to be accomplished. A practice group can develop a template for each type of matter it handles regularly.

Docket templates are easy to create, maintain and access.  Use them to improve your overall client service.

Docket Enterprise and Schedule Express - Video

Quick video highlights how to improve Outlook for Legal.

Docket Enterprise powered by BEC CoreRelate

CoreRelate provides a technology framework to facilitate integration between BEC applications (Docket Enterprise, MatterLink, Assemble-It and LegalBar ), Microsoft Office, and industry leading Time & Billing and Document Management solutions. This allows your firm to implement important new functionality while maintaining existing infrastructure and maximizing previous investments.