MatterLink is a unique and versatile matter management solution.  As a key component of the BEC CoreRelate Suite, MatterLink is seamlessly integrated with Docket Enterprise, Schedule Express, LegalBar and Assemble-It.

Direct, Easy Access to Matter Information from Word and Outlook

Designed as a client/matter database for Microsoft Office, MatterLink provides direct, easy access to matter information where and when your users need it the most – while they are using Microsoft Word and Outlook.

MatterLink simplifies the process of centralizing and organizing matter information.  In addition to intuitive data entry, MatterLink offers excellent integration options and import tools, to easily move matter data currently in Word, Outlook, Excel, Billing or manual systems into MatterLink.

MatterLink is a customizable and well suited to address the daily matter needs of an individual practice group(s) or as a firm-wide (multi-practice) solution.

Key information tracked and organized by MatterLink includes:

  • Matter Contact and Related Parties
  • Matter details
  • Matter schedule, deadlines, activities, tasks (integrated with Docket Enterprise)
  • Shared matter notes
  • Links to key documents and websites
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Matter Users and Roles
  • Integration with document management systems
  • Detailed courts information
  • Document automation (matter policies)

MatterLink Integration with Microsoft Word

MatterLink Client-Matter On MenuMatterLink data is at your fingertips from within Word.  You can open a MatterLink dialog from the Word ribbon and drag ‘n drop matter or contact information to your open document.

The newly inserted content  is formatted with Word content controls or a Word table, user’s choice.  When writing a letter, simply select a contact in MatterLink and drop a nicely formatted address block into Word with one click (yes, one.)

For the most advanced document assembly, combine MatterLink matter information with your organized legal wording content in BEC Assemble-It.  New matter data has to be typed only once before being pulled into multiple matter-related documents using Word content controls.

MatterLink Leverages your Document Management Investment

With document management, your firm has made a point to improve the organization of matter-related documents. MatterLink does the same for all other matter information.

MatterLink is integrated with iManage, Open Text, NetDocs and Worldox document management applications.  From the MatterLink matter, you can see a list of documents in the matter’s DM folder and double click to open one. Everything in one place, with a shortcut to the documents.

In the case of iManage, the shortcut works both ways.  From the iManage workspace, open the MatterLink matter with one click. (Download BEC MatterLink plus iManage PDF.)

Both MatterLink and your document management system are initially populated from your billing system.  (When a new client/matter is opened in your billing system, it is generated in MatterLink as it is in document management.)

Courts Management Database

MatterLink maintains unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and hyperlinks for each court.

The built-in court list includes U.S. District, Courts of Appeal and Bankruptcy courts.  Your local courts or regulatory boards are easily added.

When combined with BEC Docket Enterprise, MatterLink can produce complete scheduling information for a specific court.

Mail List Management

You can use MatterLink to facilitate efficient mail list management for your firm.

Each contact can include built-in relationship information fields and completely flexible custom data fields.  MatterLink’s powerful query feature makes it easy to generate and maintain mailing lists based on these fields.

MatterLink’s mail list management is handy for producing your firm’s client newsletters and your Marketing department can put it to excellent use.

MatterLink powered by BEC CoreRelate

CoreRelate provides a technology framework to facilitate integration between BEC applications (Docket Enterprise, MatterLink, Assemble-It and LegalBar ), Microsoft Office, and industry leading Time & Billing and Document Management solutions. This allows your firm to implement important new functionality while maintaining existing infrastructure and maximizing previous investments.