Matter and Contact Management


Efficient case management requires pulling all your client/matter information together.  BEC MatterLink provides an electronic matter file that does just that, so you can have access to every piece of relevant information from one location.  Even better, that location is accessible from inside Microsoft Word and Outlook.

What information?  Basic details, case notes, attached links, connected users, related contacts, document management integration, and customized data fields.

Custom fields contain data not provided for elsewhere and make MatterLink flexible enough to accommodate your practice group’s special requirements.

MatterLink completes your firm’s system infrastructure, connecting and filling the gaps between your billing system, document management system, and Microsoft Word and Outlook.  Matter data is easy to access from the Word and Outlook ribbons.

MatterLink is one component in our modular suite.  When implemented with document assembly, it provides matter data to complete the variable fields in documents.  That’s not all – when implemented with docketing, MatterLink also supports the centralized calendar, helping to make built-in matter schedule reports a reality.

MatterLink’s organized and centralized matter information leads to better collaboration and workflow, and more efficient practice management.


MatterLink includes built-in contact management with comprehensive functionality such as import, export, and duplicate check.  Most importantly, the contact integration with Microsoft Office is strong.  There is two way synchronization to individuals’ Outlook contacts and contact information is easily pulled to correspondence and other legal documents in Word.

MatterLink contact management is multi-purpose. Obviously, it contributes to case management and document assembly.  Linking contacts to matters with a “matter contact type” designation enables “related parties” functionality; contact-related custom fields can be used to compile expert witness lists.

At the same time, the contact database can become invaluable for a practice group’s business development initiatives.  Relationship tracking fields are built in and custom fields can be used for mail list management as easily as for expert witness lists.

MatterLink’s contact management is a truly versatile solution for a busy law practice.