Easy, Everyday Document Assembly

Using Assemble-It, any user can capture a block of text to be retrieved and used over and over again (without copy/paste headaches related to metadata or formatting.)

Sharing Content

BEC Assemble-It content can remain “personal” or it can be shared with a specific group of people or the entire firm, making it more flexible than Word’s Quick Parts.

Create documents in 3 easy steps

Open a Word Document

Open a blank Word document or template.

Open Assemble-It Task Pane

Click and drag content from Task Pane into your document. Create new clauses and save for future use.

Update & Save

Update all variables to complete the document. Save or print as needed.

Organize Document Content in Word's Task Pane

Assemble-It Clause Library

BEC Assemble-It displays re-usable content in the Word Task pane. Blocks of content are easily selected and dropped into the document being drafted.

Assemble-It content doesn’t have to be text and it doesn’t have to be used in the body of a document.  Tables and graphics can also be captured and later dropped into Headers and Footers as easily as the document body.

More importantly, content can be tied to a Question & Answer Script. Legal professionals run a Q&A script and select answers to its questions. Based on the answers, Assemble-It selects appropriate content and generates a completed document.

Assemble-It Integration

Assemble-It seamlessly integrates with both LegalBar Templates and MatterLink (for variable matter data) to provide a comprehensive matter-based document automation solution.

Assemble-It Integration_VariablesAssemble-It Integration_Completed

Assemble-It Introduction

Short demonstration of Assemble-It in action. (Video 1 of 2)

Matter Data and Assemble-It

Short video demonstration of Assemble-It with MatterLink. (Video 2 of 2)

Assemble-It is powered by BEC CoreRelate

CoreRelate provides a technology framework to facilitate integration between BEC applications (Docket Enterprise, MatterLink, Assemble-It and LegalBar), Microsoft Office, and industry leading Time & Billing and Document Management solutions. This allows your firm to implement important new functionality while maintaining existing infrastructure and maximizing previous investments.