Document Automation

It is difficult to overstate the importance of document automation to the legal industry. The creation, editing, and formatting of documents consume significant time for attorneys and staff alike.

Most law firms use Microsoft Word to create documents because it is dependable and easy to use.  But Word was not designed exclusively for legal —in order to be the best tool for producing legal documents, it requires enhancement and customization.

BEC Legal Systems’ document automation software solutions, LegalBar and Assemble-It, are designed to work within Word and to enhance it with legal functionality.  Our products are used by leading law firms to raise the standards of document production and to do so efficiently.  We provide advanced, easy-to-use technology for Word.

Our matter-based document automation solutions are versatile and simplify the creation and formatting of legal documents.  We address every element of constructing a legal document:

  • Templates customized for your firm,
  • Standardized Word formatting (styles, numbering, and cleanup),
  • Content libraries for your standard, consistent language, accessible from the  Word task pane,
  • Client/matter information ready to be pulled from database to document variables.

We are experts in Word automation and leverage the best of Word’s native functionality with legal-specific tools. For example, we automatically populate Word content controls with matter specific data in pleadings and correspondence.  We also take advantage of Word’s style feature, but improve it for legal, providing standard styles and numbered outlines that are appropriate for legal documents and easy to insert in any document.

We provide integration with your document management system for the small but important detail of stamping a Word document with document number, author, date, and more.

Finally, we provide dependable metadata removal before your documents are sent outside your firm.  Our metadata removal tool, MetaReveal,  works with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets and can also convert these files to PDF.

Efficient document automation is vital to the practice of law and clearly impacts your bottom line.  Our software solutions improve the both the quality of your firm’s documents and your staff’s ability to produce them efficiently.