Schedule Templates Improve Matter Management

March 14, 2019 by John Brookbank

“Work smarter, not harder.” Everyone knows the saying, but how do you do this without constantly feeling like you are way behind?

One way would be to implement a matter management tool that automates the scheduling of multiple deadlines, activities and tasks via a schedule template.

A simple definition of a schedule template is a predefined set of activities, to-do’s and tasks which need to be completed for each matter. Once created, the template can be used over and over again. The benefits of using a template are significant: automated data entry, improved accuracy, helpful status reporting, and enhanced client/matter management – just to name a few.

This screen clip is an example of a template used in an Estate Administration practice group.

Estate Administration schedule template

Scheduling templates can be used in any practice group that has predefined and required actions that must happen for every matter – including Corporate, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Public Finance, Litigation, etc.  This not only provides quick and easy data entry, it provides peace of mind that all activities, tasks and deadlines are easy to identify and act upon.

How to start?

A good place to start is to examine current processes and procedures.  In many cases, you will find practice groups (or individual attorneys) using spreadsheets or Microsoft Word tables to track and collaborate on activities and tasks.  This is time consuming, requires duplicate data entry, and is prone to errors and mistakes.

BEC Legal Systems can help

Send us your checklist, spreadsheet, or Word table of all the activities and tasks that you need to stay on top of in every matter and we will create a Schedule Template to show you first-hand how helpful it can be.

John Brookbank

John Brookbank
Sales & Marketing

Published: March 14, 2019