Outlook Colors for Workgroup Organization

July 8, 2018 by Jan Spetz Outlook category listDocket Enterprise items are color-coded on your Outlook calendar and task list.  This is accomplished by integrating with the Outlook Category list, which also uses color assignments.

When an activity or task is scheduled in Docket Enterprise, it is given a default status (a workgroup-level default.)  This can be updated as things are in progress or accomplished.  The status value determines the color of the item on your Outlook calendar or task list.  Docket adds these categories to your Outlook Category list: activity, activity reminder, task, task reminder, and one for each activity status value and each task status value in each workgroup to which you belong.

Even though the colors are set at the workgroup level, all users can override the colors so that their personal calendars look exactly the way they want them to look.

Here is how your calendar might look with workgroup-based color categorization at work:Docket category colors on personal calendar

Jan SpetzJan Spetz
Content Manager and Documentation Specialist

Published: July 8, 2018