Matter-based Scheduling in Teams w/ Docket Enterprise

July 2, 2021 by Jan Spetz

We have introduced Teams Meeting integration to Docket Enterprise, combining the benefit of matter-based scheduling with the convenience of  the Teams “join meeting” functionality on your Outlook and Teams calendars.  We hope this contributes to the flexibility you need for your “work from home hybrid” arrangements and your clients’ expectations for online meetings.

From Outlook, you can now schedule a Docket Activity/Teams meeting in one! On the Outlook calendar, the Docket activity will have the Teams Join button and other “join meeting” links where you expect.

Outlook calendar right click


Docket activity with Teams Join button


The “Click here to join link” is kept in the Docket Activity Remarks. It looks like this in the Schedule Editor and Outlook body text:

Docket Activity Remarks with Teams link


We hope you find that the benefits of client/matter scheduling and the ability to set up online client meetings in Teams is a great combination.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager
July 2, 2021