Docket Enterprise 4.2 Mobile Application

May 17, 2021 by Roger Bonine

Introducing the  Docket Enterprise Mobile app!   This app, which is available for iOS or Android, will be entering client Beta soon, with general availability planned for summer of 2021.  The mobile app will make it easy for your attorneys to check their schedule, look up matter information, and create single activities or tasks while out of the office.

After downloading Docket Enterprise Mobile, you will be asked to choose your server and log in.   You will then see a view of your current schedule.

Docket Mobile My Schedule

Touching an item brings up its detail.  If this is a top-level item (one with no children), you have the ability to edit it directly from your device.


Docket Mobile Activity Details


Within the application, it’s also easy to view the schedule for a particular matter, client, workgroup, or court.


Docket Mobile Matter List


Selecting one of these items will display the relevant schedule, along with a set of options for filtering the date range:


Docket Mobile Matter Schedule and Date Range


You also have the ability to create a new activity or task directly from the application:

Docket Mobile Scheduling


If you are an iPad or Android tablet user, don’t worry – those devices are supported too!



We are very excited to bring you Docket Mobile, and we hope it will be a much-appreciated productivity tool for your attorneys.   For more information on Docket Enterprise Mobile pricing and availability, please contact

Roger Bonine
Director of Software Development
May 17, 2020