Activity Status-based workflow for postponing and re-scheduling

March 18, 2020 by Jan Spetz

If our current national pandemic situation is wreaking havoc on your firm’s schedule and your attorneys’ calendars, the Docket Enterprise 4 Workflows feature might be a big help!

More accurately named the “Activity Status-based Workflow” feature, it lets you maintain schedule information in your Docket database but remove it from your individuals’ Outlook calendars temporarily.  This is done by changing Activity Status values.  When necessary, another change to Activity Status will put the information back on recipient calendars, with the same dates or new dates.

Activity Status-based Workflow Set Up

Step 1:

Within a workgroup, make sure you have an Activity Status value that represents ‘Is Closed’. You could use a pre-existing Activity Status value, or you could create a new one for the present situation, something like ‘Postponed for Now’.

Activity Status of Postponed
Step 2:

On the Administrative Options for Schedule Sync, turn on Closed Workflows.  Select the checkboxes for ‘Remove Future Closed Activities’ and ‘Remove Future Closed Reminders’.


Using Activity Status Workflows

When you apply your ‘Postponed for Now’ (or similar ‘Is Closed’ status) to Docket activities, those activities will be retained in your database, but automatically removed from recipients’ calendars.

One quick way to apply the status to many activities is this:

  1. Open the Schedule Viewer for a workgroup.
  2. Use a View that includes the Status column.
  3. Select the ‘All Future’ date range, or a more convenient custom date range.
  4. Find the activities you are dealing with by filtering in various ways (by Matter, by Workplan, by Status.)  If necessary,  get Tasks out of the view by turning off the Tasks toggle in the footer.
  5. Select multiple activities, right click and choose Change Status.
  6. On the Status Chooser, select your ‘Postponed for Now’ status.
  7. Select the Update the Child activities checkbox to update the status of dependent activities as well.
  8. Click OK.

These selected activities will be removed from recipient calendars.  When it is time to put them back, all you must do is change the status back again, or re-schedule dates and change status at the same time, on the Schedule Wizard.

Hope this helps during a difficult (and busy) time!

Jan Spetz
Product Manager
(Working remotely today!)

Published: March 18, 2020