MatterLink Revolutionizes Microsoft Word and Outlook!

August 31, 2018 | 12:00 p.m. EST

Microsoft Office applications are ubiquitous in law firms because they are dependable and convenient. Yet these applications are not perfect — they lack advanced functionality that would be very helpful to your attorneys and staff.

BEC Legal Systems’ MatterLink revolutionizes Word and Outlook for legal. It lets everyone continue to work where they are comfortable (in Word and Outlook), and also have access to practice management tools like these:

  • Centralized electronic matter file, available from Word, Outlook, or stand-alone menu.
  • Quick, easy access to matter information, including related parties, schedule, tasks, notes, details, and custom fields!
  • Document management integration, so matter-related documents are also accessible from the same place.
  • Centralized matter-based contact and related party management.
  • Matter calendars synchronized with individual Outlook calendars.
  • Matter-based document assembly in Word.

Adding practice management functionality to Word and Outlook is an idea whose time has come. To learn about our revolutionary approach, please join us for this thirty minute session.

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