ILTA Webinar: Crossing the Chasm to a Modern Message Platform

Please join us for this ILTA-sponsored webinar so you can Stop the Email Madness!


(Our own!) Laurie Danford – Vice President and Solutions Architect, BEC Legal Systems
Mark Gerow – Director of Applications Development, Fenwick & West LLP

Webinar Description:

Welcome to the first part in our webinar series, “Stop the Email Madness”, where we will be sharing success stories and discussing ways to improve internal communications, control emails, and use alternative tools for internal communications and how you use your inbox.

For the first in our series, we will look at Skype For Business and Microsoft Teams. What are the differences? We will take a small peek into Skype For Business’s transition into Teams. Finally, we will explore how Teams can bring more inclusive, collaborative and productive experiences to law firms, and suggest ways to begin using Teams, with ideas and tips to cross the chasm to a new and better intra-office communication.

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