MetaReveal removes confidential and potentially harmful data from Word and Excel files. This is done in a broad and sweeping way – removing all types of metadata and hidden data from a file. Or it may be done in a selective way – only removing certain types of metadata and hidden data.

MetaReveal release 5.0 is all NEW!

The NEW MetaReveal 5 includes the ability to initiate file processing from the Windows file system, flexible process settings configuration, and a completely re-designed user interface.

Working with a set or binder of documents?
From the Windows file share, choose to remove metadata, convert to PDF, or skip for each document.  Then zip, attach and send, or save to OneDrive.

Do your practice groups have different requirements?
MetaReveal 5 provides administrator policies with lockdown on individual settings, the ability to deploy separate configurations to groups of users, and ways for individuals to set and save file processing preferences.

Looking for efficiency and ease-of-use?
Even when processing many files at once, the new MetaReveal UI puts the “decision point” for all documents on one dialog. This streamlines the metadata management process when sending, saving, or zipping.

Streamlined file processing UI

If you would like to see MetaReveal 5 in action, request a demo. We can also share an evaluation copy of the software with you.

MetaReveal Features

  • Metadata management for Word and Excel files
  • PDF conversion for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Outlook integration – monitoring every send to prevent embarrassing mistakes
  • Bulk processing from the Windows file share (new in release 5!)
  • Cleaning from within Word and Excel, with “pre-processing” analysis and reporting tools (improved and updated in release 5!)
  • Configurable administration policies and personal processing options (new in release 5!)
  • Advanced options for PDF generation (control of document properties, compression, and PDF/A format)
  • Extras like the optional “Reply all?” prompt for email

MetaReveal Benefits

Understanding and managing the metadata and hidden data in your documents is important!

In today’s law firm, documents are shared electronically in many ways (not only via email attachment) and for many purposes.  Sometimes certain types of metadata, such as tracked changes and comments, must be retained for collaboration.  Other times, it is vitally important to guarantee metadata has been stripped before sharing a document.

The responsible handling of documents must be part of your firm’s security policies, but a single, standard procedure for all metadata management is not flexible enough.  MetaReveal provides both security and configuration flexibility for electronic file sharing.

With MetaReveal, enable your attorneys and staff to make responsible decisions and proceed with confidence when sharing documents.

MetaReveal Process

MetaReveal Workflow_2018