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WEBINAR: Solve Problems by Implementing a Firm-Wide Calendar Approach (ILTA Product Briefing)

June 23, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Every Practice Group requires good calendar management.  Unlike other areas of technology, calendar and task management is often left to the resources of the individual attorney or group.  The result is usually a mish-mash of Outlook calendars, Word Tables and Excel spreadsheets, which in turn lead to duplicated data entry, wasted time, and scheduling mistakes!

This product briefing will focus on improving calendar and task management for both litigation and transactional work groups. 

Key reasons to attend:

  1. Solve multiple problems with a single solution.
  2. Eliminate user resistance and maintain the convenience of Microsoft Outlook. 
  3. Integrate with existing Billing and Document Management systems.
  4. Save time, minimize effort, improve organization and eliminate mistakes.

Most importantly, your attorneys and staff will thank you for providing a practical, common-sense approach to managing calendars and tasks—and one that they will actually use!

Please join us on June 23!  Register here: