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WEBINAR: Litigation Docketing vs. Transactional Calendaring (ILTA Product Briefing)

April 27, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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A common challenge for law firms is finding a calendar and task management solution that works for both litigation and transactional practice groups.

Many firms rely on a combination of legacy docketing systems and/or MS Outlook calendars. For many reasons, these are incomplete solutions that do not provide either the dependability or flexibility your practice groups need.

Join us to learn how BEC Docket Enterprise / Schedule Express will provide an ideal solution for your entire firm. Our 30 minute demonstration will include:

  • Addressing the needs of all practice groups with the basics: group calendars, reminders, and reports
  • Improved matter workflow and group collaboration
  • Scheduling templates and how they benefit all practice groups
  • Critical date tracking with integrated court rules
  • Extended matter management (optional)
  • The industry’s most advanced Outlook/Exchange integration

Let us show you the benefits of an advanced legal calendaring solution!

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