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WEBINAR: Easy "Matter Centric" Automation for Documents and MORE! (ILTA Product Briefing)

May 5, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Now more than ever, law firms are looking for ways to become more efficient.

While most firms have multiple practice management concerns, the production of documents remains a very important (and time-consuming) function for all practice groups. The BEC CoreRelate platform is unique because it provides a Client/Matter structure to improve document automation…and an “electronic Redweld” which opens up new possibilities for your practice groups.

This webinar will focus on how easy it is to re-invent a new document production environment for your firm, and demonstrate how other key practice management functions can be improved at the same time.

In this 45-minute overview, we will show you:

  • The advantages of a matter-centric SQL platform tied to Word, Outlook, and your existing Billing and Document Management systems
  • New template automation and workflow
  • Simple, effective content libraries
  • Improving the usability of Word content controls for matter data in documents
  • Question & Answer scripts which are simple to create
  • Court-specific "shell documents" which save time by eliminating duplicate work.

CoreRelate is the framework for BEC LegalBar®, BEC MatterLink®, and BEC Assemble-It®, providing the building blocks you need for efficient document automation and improved matter management.

To get moving on your goal to improve practice group efficiency, join us on May 5!

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