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WEBINAR: Calendar Management for every Practice Group

December 14, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Good calendar and task management is essential for all attorneys. Your litigators, of course, have always recognized this—but there are significant benefits when all of your practice groups share a firm-wide calendar that everyone can access.

BEC Docket Enterprise / Schedule Express software will eliminate duplicate entries, manual efforts, costly omissions and user resistance! Key benefits demonstrated in this webinar include:

  • Direct individual access from native Outlook Calendars standardize “firm wide” processes
  • Departmental Views, Reports, and Reminders
  • Automated Distribution Lists for emails and management-level reports
  • One-click access to matter information
  • Seamless integration with Billing and Document Management
  • Customizable SQL Platform

On the surface “docketing” is associated with litigation practice groups, but why? You can build a customized calendar solution that meets the particular needs of every department in your firm AND let them stay in Outlook where they love to work.

Let us show you how easy and effective Calendar and Task management can be! Please join us on December 14th.

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