Docket Scheduling with CalendarRules

[Thursday, December 5, 2:00 PM]

This is a comprehensive look at using CalendarRules for scheduling court deadlines. CalendarRules is a subscription service for court rules for both federal and local courts. Docket Enterprise is integrated with CalendarRules providing rule sets that function similarly to the familiar workplan templates in Docket. CalendarRules organizes its rule sets into jurisdictions and the list of available jurisdictions is quite extensive. CalendarRules also builds rule sets for jurisdictions not already in its arsenal.

This class is intended for the people in your firm who are responsible for scheduling court deadlines. However, anyone in the firm who is interested in learning more about CalendarRules is encouraged to attend. Although the class will focus on litigation-type rule sets, CalendarRules covers a wide range of rule sets including probate and intellectual property.

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