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CoreRelate 4.0 is here.

BEC CoreRelate® 4 Framework brings centralized matter management to the familiar environment of Microsoft Office. This enables matter-based document assembly from Word and centralized date tracking from Outlook.

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  • BEC Docket Enterprise

    Docketing and Legal Calendaring

    • Office 365 and Hosted Exchange Compatibility
    • More efficient Schedule Synchronization Service (for Docket Enterprise and Outlook)
    • Use of ‘Meeting Organizer’ and tighter integration with Outlook meeting workflow
    • Improved Free-Busy Search during scheduling (with access to Exchange for users and resources)
    • Two-way synchronization between Docket and Outlook of Task Status
    • Built-in workflow for activity status of closed/completed
  • BEC LegalBar® and BEC Assemble-It

    Document Automation

    • Combined Word ribbon when both products are installed
    • New correspondence dialogs
    • Matter-specific RE line automation
    • Matter-based document assembly (with MatterLink)
  • CoreRelate Framework for Law Firms

    • Enterprise Scalability - using cloud ready technologies
    • Improved logging and other maintenance tools
    • More security