2021_03: MetaReveal 5.0 release posted

March 23, 2021 by Jan Spetz

(Build 5.0.1434 on March 23, 2021)

This is the second maintenance release for MetaReveal 5, which was introduced in April, 2020.

Visit the MetaReveal download page to access the new release and release notes. (Login credentials required.)  You will also find an updated User Guide, Installation Guide, and Configuration Guide.

New Select All Feature for File Processing

New in this maintenance release is a quick checkbox on the File Processor dialog to select all files.  With all files selected, one more click chooses the action to take on all of them (Remove metadata, Skip, or create PDF.)

Select all for file processing

What about  MetaReveal 5!?

MetaReveal 5 introduces many nice enhancements to our metadata management solution. Here are the top three:
  • Ability to initiate processing (cleaning or PDF’ing) in multiple documents from the Windows file system (or OneDrive) via a right click on selected files. From there you can save, zip, or attach and send.  (This is in addition to processing from within Word and Excel, and from an Outlook mail message with attachments, which are features that have always been part of MetaReveal.)
  • Flexibility in configuration… Administrators can deploy different processing defaults to different groups of users, with the ability to lock or unlock each setting.  Also, individuals can create their own sets, maintain multiple sets for different types of documents, and override unlocked administrative defaults with an ad hoc setting.
  • Updated UI that streamlines the process of document sharing whether initiated from Outlook or the file system, assisting with decision making, reporting, and ease-of-use.
Read more about MetaReveal on our web page or in this Metadata Management blog post.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager