2019_11 LegalBar 4.8.49 posted

November 18, 2019 by Jan Spetz

(Release 4.8.49, posted November 15, 2019)

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the new release. (Login credentials required.) You will also find monthly and cumulative release notes on the download page.

In this release…

In addition to bug fixes, this release provides two nice improvements to letter subject lines automation:

  • In LegalBar letters that use manually entered or personally saved subject lines, the table that contains the subject line is programmatically built during letter generation, using the RE line settings on the Letter Information dialog. Subject line automation no longer relies on a separate autotext template, which increases performance and reliability.
  • When multi-row tables are used for matter based subject lines, the tables are now automatically re-sized. Underlining is now applied to the table cell itself, rather than the text within the table cell.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager

Published: November 15, 2019