2019_10 LegalBar 4.8.48 has been posted

October 8, 2019 by Jan Spetz

(Release 4.8.48, posted October 8, 2019)

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the new release. (Login credentials required.) You will also find monthly and cumulative release notes on the download page.

New in this release….

A nice customization option for your firm’s most commonly used templates.

In a recent LegalBar implementation with a new firm, they pointed out that they rarely use Fax and Memo templates these days and would prefer to have the very convenient template shortcut buttons on the Word ribbon linked directly to something else.

ribbon shortcuts for templates





While the button labels were already customizable, it has not previously been possible to click the buttons and not “go through” the corresponding dialog (Letter, Fax, or Memo.) Now it is!

In LegalBar 4.8.48, you can re-purpose each shortcut button to pull up any important and commonly used template. If the template itself is not tagged as a letter, fax, or memo, the dialog will be bypassed.

For example, our new client relies heavily on a specific Contract template. In their LegalBar implementation, the Memo button has been re-named as “Contract.” It is mapped directly to their favorite template and it does not open a dialog, just the document. The Fax button has been re-purposed to bring up their engagement letter – that template is tagged as a letter, so it does use the Letter Information dialog.

Re-purposed shortcut buttons





You can find configuration information for the ribbon shortcuts in the release note.

If your fax and memo templates aren’t used every day, consider moving access to them into the Template Organizer. Then you can use the handy shortcut buttons for something else!

Jan Spetz
Product Manager

Published: October 8, 2019