2019_10: CoreRelate 4.1 maintenance release

October 23, 2019 by Jan Spetz

(Build 4.1.4873 on October 23, 2019)

The October 2019 release of CoreRelate applications (MatterLink, Docket Enterprise, Assemble-It, and LegalBar) is now available.

To download the update, visit the CoreRelate download page. (Valid login credentials are required.) The download page also includes monthly and cumulative release notes.

What’s Included?

With much of our development time going into the upcoming 4.2 release, this 4.1 update is a maintenance release. It will be of particular interest to you if you use CalendarRules or Work 10 integration. Please check the release notes.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager
Published: October 23, 2019