2019_06: LegalBar 4.8.45 is now posted

June 24, 2019 by Jan Spetz

Release 4.8.45, posted June 24, 2019

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the new release. (Login credentials required.) You will also find monthly and cumulative release notes on the download page.

In this release…

There is one new enhancement to the “document fill-in process” (by which we pull MatterLink matter information into a LegalBar document.)  A new setting lets you stipulate that the fill-in process should run only once, on initial generation.

Once finalized and saved, a document won’t try to “fill” again when re-opened from document management (or the file system.)  A connection to the matter is retained in the document, of course, so that matter information can be refreshed any time it’s needed.

In addition to the basic convenience, the new feature jives well with LegalBar’s Shell Template feature.

Shell Templates

A Shell Template is a “master” matter-based document that is used to generate additional documents with matter content in place.  The most common type of shell is a basic pleading caption, saved in the document management workspace for the matter, and used again and again as the starting point for all pleadings for the matter.  There can be many other uses, any time you have basic client/matter content to be used many times.

Shell Template and document fill in tags

How is this different from a Word template? A shell template can and should contain data, simplifying the process of producing a set of related documents, without the dangers of “copy/paste” or “save as”.

With the new setting, a prompt to pull information from the matter to data placeholders happens only once, when the shell template is created.  Although matter information can be refreshed any time at all, the “fill in” prompt is suppressed when the shell is copied to create new matter-related documents.

Together, the document fill in options and the Shell Template provide flexibility and efficiency for matter-based document generation.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager

Published: June 24, 2019