2019_02: LegalBar 4.8.41 released

February 27, 2019 by Jan Spetz

(Release 4.8.41, Posted February 27, 2019)

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the package. (Login credentials required.)

You will also find 4.8.41 Release Notes and cumulative Release Notes on the download page.

What’s New?

The automatic use of a Word Style Ref for the second page date in a letter is now an administrative option.  It is on be default, but you can turn it off for your firm.

Why use Style Ref? It is an excellent method to ensure that a letter’s second page date is automatically updated when the first page date is changed. To see it in action, refer to this video blog.

Then why not? The Style Ref might not work for you if you use document comparison software to compare two versions of a letter with different dates.  With some of these applications, a “strikeout” does not display in the Style Ref.  This makes a change from “January 5” to “January 8” display as “January 58” on the second page.  If this causes too much confusion, turn the Style Ref option off, using the new administrative option in 4.8.41.

Jan Spetz
Product Manager

Published February 28, 2019