2018_12: MetaReveal 4.9 updated

December 31, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Build 4.9.1328, Posted December 28, 2018)

Available on the MetaReveal download page (login credentials required) with cumulative release notes.

The “all new” MetaReveal 4.9, which was released earlier this year, now handles Word and Excel files inside ZIP file attachments.

When a ZIP is attached to an outgoing mail message, MetaReveal catches it and prompts you to Remove metadata, PDF, or Skip the Word and Excel documents inside. This functionality is identical to the way it handles Word and Excel files that are directly attached.  The Process Selection dialog presents all files to be processed, with clear indication which ones were found inside the ZIP file.

MetaReveal Process Selection with ZIP file


Our July 20 blog post provides resources to learn more about MetaReveal 4.9, which is compatible with MS Office 64 bit.