2018_11: LegalBar 4.8.39 released

November 8, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Release 4.8.39, Posted November 8, 2018)

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the package. (Login credentials required.)

You will also find 4.8.39 Release Notes and cumulative Release Notes.

What’s New?

More letter generation functionality, with two small but useful enhancements on the Letter Information dialog:

First, the Title/Last drop-down is now customizable. Update the selectable values by modifying the new, supporting text file.  How is it useful? If you correspond with many French clients, add Mssr and Mlle.  If you have many college professors on your contact list, add Professor.  There are many more possibilities!

Customize Title/Last values.



Secondly, the Subject Line formatting preference area toggle is now a sticky setting.  (If you toggle it on, it will remain on for subsequent visits to the Letter dialog, until you turn it off.)

Subject line formatting preferences.