2018_10: Update to CoreRelate 4.1

October 9, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Build 4.1.4251 posted October 9, 2018)

The October 2018 release of CoreRelate applications (MatterLink, Docket Enterprise, LegalBar/Assemble-It) is now available.

Visit the download page to access the package and detailed release notes (both monthly and cumulative.) Valid login credentials are required.

Highlights of the release:

For Docket Enterprise – a response to a fix by Microsoft when scheduling all day activities across time zones in Outlook.   In older versions of Outlook, all day events scheduled across time zones caused the event to span two days on recipients’ Outlook calendars; Docket Enterprise includes a workaround for this.  The recent Microsoft fix broke the workaround! Read about our solution in this release, especially in mixed Outlook environments, in a new KB article. (Login credentials required.)

For LegalBar/MatterLink – a new feature for pulling related party data into documents.  When MatterLink contacts have more than one address, prompt the user to select the correct address during document fill-in.

LegalBar-MatterLink Address Selector








Thank you for your interest in our suite of legal applications.