2018_09: Update to Docket Enterprise CalendarRules integration

September 12, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Build 4.1.4187 posted September 10, 2018)

The September 2018 release of CoreRelate applications (not only Docket Enterprise, but also MatterLink and Assemble-It) is now available. Visit the download page to access the package and detailed release notes (both monthly and cumulative.) Valid login credentials are required.

We will describe what’s new in this release in a free webinar on September 26.

New in this release:
Multiple CalendarRules Jurisdictions

In this release, changes to the CalendarRules integration accommodate many firms’ need to schedule with multiple jurisdictions in a single matter (usually using a separate Docket workplan for each jurisdiction, but not necessarily.)  This feature requires implementation of a new administrative custom field (see release note #12148.)

On the Schedule Wizard’s CalendarRules Setup page, the new custom field makes it possible to choose a Jurisdiction that is not the one associated with the matter.  If you do this, a “Do you want to proceed?” message displays.  (The scenario of multiple jurisdictions is now possible, but not common for every firm! That is why this message is needed, to ensure that the docketing clerk or other scheduler is aware of the choice.)

Scheduling with Jurisdiction other than matter's jurisdiction


Supporting Change to Schedule Editor

Schedule Editor now shows when another jurisdiction (not the matter jurisdiction) has been used for scheduling.  The pre-existing Jurisdiction field has been re-named to Event Jurisdiction and the Matter Jurisdiction has been added.

Schedule Editor Jurisdiction Fields


CalendarRules Jurisdiction Report

In addition, a new “mismatch” report helps verify data integrity by listing all CalendarRules Events that have been scheduled with a jurisdiction that is not the same as the matter jurisdiction.  This is available from Docket Administrative Options, CalendarRules tab.

CalendarRules Jurisdiction Mismatch report


Workplan Templates

This new “multiple jurisdiction” functionality also required some changes to workplan templates, where it is now possible to include trigger items from multiple CalendarRules jurisdictions within the same template.  When this is done, a message displays to ensure the discrepancy is not a mistake.

Multiple Jurisdictions in a template


The Docket Enterprise–CalendarRules integration is explained A-Z in our online Help, which is available from your Outlook ribbon, or here (valid login credentials required.)

Jan SpetzJan Spetz
Content Manager and Documentation Specialist

Published: September 12, 2018