2018_08: Update to CoreRelate 4.1

August 14, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Build 4.1.4147 posted August 13, 2018)

The August 2018 release of CoreRelate applications (MatterLink, Docket Enterprise, Assemble-It) is now available. Visit the download page to access the package and detailed release notes (both monthly and cumulative.) Valid login credentials are required.

New in this release:
MatterLink-Docket Enterprise Pane in Outlook

The NEW MatterLink-Docket Enterprise Pane puts matter and schedule information in a very convenient location – a pane on the right side of your Outlook environment.

(This is another way we “Make Office Really Easy!”  #MOREwithBEC Legal Systems)

MatterLink-Docket Enterprise Pane in Outlook


Here’s how it works:
  • Select a Docket item on your calendar. The pane opens and shows you future activities, links, notes and contacts.
  • Select another Docket item that belongs to another matter. The information in the pane refreshes automatically.
  • If you are integrated with iManage, select a workspace in the Outlook folder tree. The information refreshes automatically to the corresponding MatterLink matter.
  • Want to “hold on” to this matter information? Click the Pin icon. Now the pane won’t refresh until you “unpin” it.
  • Want to find a specific matter quickly (without selecting a Docket item or an iManage workspace?) Search for it at the top of the pane!  Pin it if needed.

Being able to see Docket data (the activity list) and MatterLink data (links, notes and contacts) requires a Docket license and a MatterLink license.  If you have only one or the other, the pane still works and displays only schedule data or matter data.

The pane requires an administrative custom field (see release note #11865) and it must be turned on via the MatterLink Personal Options dialog or the Docket Enterprise Personal Options dialog.

Since the time of this blog post, the pane has been enhanced. Read an update here.

Jan SpetzJan Spetz
Content Manager and Documentation Specialist

Published: August 14, 2018