2018_12 LegalBar 4.8.40 released

December 18, 2018 by Jan Spetz

(Release 4.8.40, Posted December 18, 2018)

Visit the LegalBar download page to access the package. (Login credentials required.) 

You will also find 4.8.40 Release Notes and cumulative Release Notes.

In this release…

In this release of LegalBar, we continue to improve the Clean and Prepare feature, our document cleaning tool.

Clean and Prepare dialog

1. Clean in a New Container

The New Container feature automatically creates a copy of the document to be cleaned. This provides the most thorough cleaning possible as certain kinds of problems are left behind in the old container. In this release of LegalBar, we provide more control of the styles that are carried to the new container, keeping the Styles pane in the new document as pristine as possible.

2. Direct Character Formatting

The Direct Character Formatting setting, providing the ability to either remove character formatting or leave it in place and clean around it, was rock solid.  Or so we thought, until we learned about the little known “feature” of Word described in this blog post.  But guess what – now it is solid again, as we have programmed around the “feature.”  Direct character formatting will definitely not be removed unless you select the setting to do so!